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For Immediate Release Pirate Chain (ARRR) is an open-source crypto-related project that any 3rd party business can utilize for the most anonymous and secure blockchain transactions in cryptocurrency. Pirate blockchain technology includes anonymous messaging through the seven seas wallet memo area and uses a privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other users’ activity on […]

Ahoy Pirates!  What a month July has been! Like many, I normally peruse the Pirate discord several times a day but I don’t keep track of progress. Writing this update has really shown me how much the Pirate armada accomplishes in a month and the breadth of projects going on in the horizon!! https://pirate.black   […]

Pirate May Update

May was again a very exciting and successful month for the community project Pirate. One of our captains (FishyGuts) reviewed May. The following topics are part of the article: CoinMarketCap lists Pirate. ARRR was even among the top 200 crypto currencies for a short time. At this point I would like to mention that Piratechain […]

Voting instructions for NN elections 1. Download Agama or Komodo Ocean – official links 2. Activate VOTE2019 Coin 3. Import your KMD private key or seed 4. Send your VOTE to one of the addresses listed For voting instructions on Agama for Desktop click here For voting instructions on Agama for Mobile click here For […]

Today there have been two events that strengthen the position of the Pirate ARRR coin, helping to further develop and recognize the anonymity and privacy of the ARRR in payments. For every coin, project, community – it is very important to support exchanges, as one of the main conditions for the payment system is the […]

Notary Node elections 2019 It’s time again! The Komodo Notary Node elections are approaching and will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2019. The election period ends on 14 May. If we look at the candidates, the election will be very difficult for many of us. Each of the participants deserves a Notary Node, but […]


Pirate (ARRR)is an independent block chain based on Zcash’s zk-SNARK (zero knowledge proof) tech and created using Komodo Platform. Pirate is a forced Z transaction coin. No transparent transactions are possible apart from Komodo’s Notary Nodes. Notary Nodes have hard-coded transparent addresses that are required in order to conduct delayed Proof of Work services. Currently, […]

This article is to show you how to run PIRATE (ARRR) chain using TOR network. Requirements: Tor Browser komodo binaries Steps: Start Tor Browser as usual and use the following command to start PIRATE blockchain: ./komodod \ -ac_name=PIRATE \ -ac_supply=0 \ -ac_reward=25600000000 \ -ac_halving=77777 \ -ac_private=1 \ -addnode= \ -addnode= \ -daemon \ -proxy=   […]

This article describes how you can start using PIRATE (ARRR) chain using command line interface (CLI) on different OS. To get started with PIRATE (ARRR), you only need Komodo daemon on your machine. You can either download the Komodo pre-compiled binaries from GitHub and use the bundled komodod and komodo-cli in it, or you can […]