This article is to show you how to run PIRATE (ARRR) chain using TOR network.


  1. Tor Browser
  2. komodo binaries


Start Tor Browser as usual and use the following command to start PIRATE blockchain:
./komodod \
-ac_name=PIRATE \
-ac_supply=0 \
-ac_reward=25600000000 \
-ac_halving=77777 \
-ac_private=1 \
-addnode= \
-addnode= \
-daemon \
-proxy=   # Connect through TOR SOCKS5 proxy \
-listen   # Accept connections from outside (default: 1 if no -proxy or -connect) \
-listenonion   # Automatically create Tor hidden service (default: 1) \
-maxconnections=25 \
# -onlynet=onion  # Optional. If you only want to connect to peers via Tor network. If enabled no clearnet/internet IPv4/IPv6 addresses will connect as peers.

Tested successfully on MacOS + Linux.
On Windows make sure to remove all backslashes and comments to make the above into one single command:
komodod.exe -ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode= -addnode= -daemon -proxy= -listen -listenonion -maxconnections=25
Remove the command line parameter or change it accordingly.

Tested PIRATE over TOR in the most simplest and easiest setup way possible. Bit more advanced users can find this help link very useful which describes setting up “bitcoind” with Tor settings

Linux admins and PIRATE miners can also help by setting up Tor PIRATE nodes, and share on this forum your .onion address and port for your PIRATE peer.
Once we have good amount of .onion based PIRATE peers we can add them to “-addnode=” list, and can have more privacy added to PIRATE.

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