treasure chest crypto wallet


Cutting-edge privacy with zk-SNARKs cryptography

Stay Anonymous

Our wallet is completely anonymous using a VPN service combined with a safe OS like Linux.


Enhanced security features protect your wallet & funds

Security Is A Priority

User security is a priority for all technologies utilising the ARRR cryptocurrency.

User Friendly

Automatic parameters & bootstrap install for faster sync

Designed For Users

We aim to make the wallet as simple to use as possible, and welcome all feedback.



Treasure Chest is the main full node wallet for the ARRR cryptocurrency. Actively maintained & developed. Run on a 64-bit operating system.




Windows 7 or above with min 4GB of RAM recommended* 64-bit


Apple OS High Sierra or above & 3GB RAM recommended


Ubuntu version 18.04 or above and 3GB RAM recommended


Ubuntu version 18.04 or above and 3GB RAM recommended

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade Steps

  1. Download the new wallet
  2. Open the new wallet (pirate-qt-linux, pirate-qt-win.exe, pirate-qt-arm,

In the case a reindex is triggered due to the upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Hide the progress overlay window
  2. Open Settings-> Options
  3. Click the Wallet tab
  4. Use the Reindex and Rescan with bootstrap option.
  5. Restart the wallet

Additional notes

  • Do not close the wallet during the “Activating best chain” phase to avoid wallet corruption
  • Creating a large amount of addresses will negatively impact wallet performance. For optimum performance we recommend using no more than 5 different addresses.
*To upgrade from a previous version of Pirate Ocean, please watch the video “Treasure Chest Wallet User Guide” above.


Extract the file and paste them to Mac ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo/PIRATE/ Windows %appdata%\Komodo\PIRATE\ Linux ~/.komodo/PIRATE/

For more information read this BLOG post or this: GUIDE

Need support installing your wallet?

Try our support FAQ section for instructions on how to install our wallets or take a look at the step by step how-to videos and guides.

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