PIrate Chain November


Ahoy Pirates! November has gone by fast and the most private cryptocurrency Pirate Chain has had tremendous success in the Cayman Islands!

Marketing events

  • Pirate sponsored the Pirate Weeks Festival! A strong contingent consisting of Captain Draeth, Firstmates Lootz, House, Ph0enix, along with Deckhand Wolf and Powdermonkey Zmarc. The purpose of this trip was primarily (1) to evaluate the crypto and privacy environment, and (2) to spread the good word about Pirate Chain!

Here’s a brief summary of the highlights:

  • The team pounded the ground going door-to-door with local businesses. Not surprisingly, every merchant embraces privacy cryptocurrency and loved the most private cryptocurrency, Pirate Chain. True to her name, Cayman Islanders are all proponents and privacy enthusiasts. When introduced to the technology supporting ARRR, they were very enthusiastic about the payment options. Over 300 businesses gave their information and wanted to be contacted to set up payment solutions.
    • Inspired by the strong interest, Pirate Chain will be partnering to build a Point of Sale system for brick and mortar businesses.
  • The staff of Pirates Week Festival loved the team (and particularly enjoyed having Draeth on stage!). Strong ties were built and both teams are looking forward to a larger Pirate Chain presence next year! Discussions for ARRR as official currency of Pirates Week Festival next year!
  • Watch a video montage of the events at Pirates Week Festival here https://youtu.be/m3g_oyN4Gzc


Building a Privacy Ecosystem

  • $ARRR is the most private cryptocurrency that protects your personal financial privacy. Pirate Chain is expanding its ecosystem to protect all of your online digital privacy with Pirate OS.
    • The Pirate Chain team is bringing you an entirely privacy focused operating system with a preloaded Pirate Chain wallet, all on a usb stick. The Gen 1 product now has an encryption system that locks down the device when not in use. GhostShip OS will be ready for launch this month. Thanks to @Lootz and @Wieprz1999.


Social Media developments

  • We are opening up engagement with our Asian Pirates. Line chat is a popular chat app for Pirates of Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Pirates of all languages are welcome. Shout out to @Ederwa for managing the chat group! Join the channel here http://line.me/ti/g/0Dkl5sxfVl


  • Pirate launches a WeChat group to engage Mandarin speaking Pirates! Thanks to @Tom. T for leading this channel that already has over 100 members. To join the chat, you need to add Tom’s account(ID:tangxufeng00712) as your friend (via this QR code below), and receive a personal invitation from him.


  • Pirate.black home page now has multilanguage support enabled Mandarin, Italian, Slovenian and Arabic are all available now! Check out the home page: https://pirate.back/


Wallet updates

  • The Pirate Lite Wallet is launched! This wallet does not require download of the blockchain and will load faster. We highly recommend that the Lite wallet be used only for small amounts of ARRR used in transactions. For general cryptocurrency security reasons, we do not recommend using it to store large amounts of ARRR.


  • There is a mandatory update coming on December 15th. The pirate lite wallet is updated. Sevenseas and Pirate Ocean will be updated soon. Please update your wallet when the update is available. Please follow the announcements on discord on when the new versions of pirate and sevenseas are available.


Development Updates

  • Pirate has partnered with Turtle Network develop a gateway named Tortuga. Once the gateway is developed, we can integrate with the Turtle Network exchange.


  • Pirate is currently conducting a fundraising campaign for several initiatives. These funds things will truly enable Pirate to sail to the forefront of crypto.
    • We are looking to raise .5 BTC for listing on Hubi. Donation address for listing on Hubi: bc1qf9nr9qxgzftxzs7ly34692h7m3yr5y02xugar8


    • We are looking to raise 2.5 BTC for marketing (real marketing that will get us tons of attention). Donation address for marketing fund: bc1qpvz8pccqtgzjv7tgqu35lmqd75du9lqpzvsmrh


    • We are looking to raise 4 BTC for setting up the pirate foundation. This will pave the way for many more opportunities for Pirate. Donation address for Pirate Foundation: bc1q3895llxyczwcfsyaytzvwf7xdgw7vuf323wmnf


Upcoming Pirate Captain Interviews

  • Proof of Review interview with Draeth is done. Look out for the report release soon!
  • Offshore Crypto, December 7th & December 20th, 2019
  • Blockchain Brazil, December 9th, 2019
  • Ken Bosak, December 28th, 2019, 12pm est


Pirate YouTuber-of-the-Month

Hello, My name is Javi. Im the host of Offshore Crypto. Offshore Crypto is named that way because i believe cryptocurrency was made to be a “digital offshore bank account” for everyone; not just the elites of the world. Offshore crypto is here to provide content to viewers who are interested and who value their financial privacy by using cryptocurrencies. I try to have people on the show who would like others to see their privacy protocols tech . For me financial privacy is of utmost importance and right now the anonymity set of Pirate chain is second to none. Pirate chain is easy to transact with and the transaction is fully forced privacy like Monero but with the shielded (Z to Z) ZKSNARK technology from Zcash. I believe currently Pirate is the only privacy coin. No amounts and no addresses on the pirate blockchain can be seen. The killer app of cryptocurrency is currency. Pirate is the most fungible cryptocurrency available to date.


Pirate Community Art-of-the-Month

  • Thanks to @zebedee’s contribution to the beautiful artwork on the most private cryptocurrency!

  • If you would like your artwork featured on Pirate’s monthly updates, post them on our discord’s #pirate-art channel here, https://discord.gg/jWf3UUz

Last words from the editor

The battle for personal financial privacy will be the final frontier in the battle for your personal sovereignty. What you buy with your hard earned money will reveal infinitely more about your personality than any amount of time browsing an item. A new Economy of Privacy is needed to counterbalance the current surveillance industry, and will likely comprise these 4 key components:

  • private online activity (VPNs, private browsers and search engines),
  • default privacy-first cryptocurrencies,
  • secure messaging, and
  • distributed financial infrastructure.

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