Welcome Ergo

After just about 3 months of Pirate Chain joining the BPSAA, the alliance is ready to announce the latest member to join the family: Ergo

Ergo is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform, offering powerful safe smart contracts using Sigma protocols that enable flexible and highly usable applications. The Ergo team includes a variety of established developers with a rich track record in crypto, blockchain researchers and a strong community behind them.

Pirate Chain Integration

There are a number of integrations planned for the very near future, including adding Ergo to the GalleonOS as well as integrating ARRR with some of their unique tools and applications. Ergo plans on integrating Pirate Chain into their upcoming Dex, as well as other services they are currently building.

What the future holds

The BPSAA is getting larger and stronger by building its ability to incorporate and introduce new members at a faster pace. This has considerable benefits for Pirate Chain as the reach and usage of ARRR grows exponentially.

So far in 2020 social following for Pirate Chain has grown by 18% with many new community members joining but also many old contributors re-activating.

With hugely significant developments such as the private testing of the sub-atomic swaps, the mobile wallet and i2p integration, the future never looked brighter for Pirate Chain. 

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