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Weekly Discord Meeting

☠️ Just in case you missed this weekly meeting on Discord, you can now listen to the recording of our live weekly Wednesday meet-up with the fantastic Rafael LaVerde from the Crypto Vigilante group (cryptocurrency focused part of Dollar Vigilante).
We talk about several things but amongst others were:
  • How Crypto Vigilante discovered Pirate Chain
  • The research behind the project
  • The famous 70 page analysis report
  • The recent boost in price
  • The value of Pirate Chain (ARRR) (current and future)
  • The role of Pirate Chain in the privacy ecosystem
  • What Crypto Vigilante does and how to be part of it

What is Crypto Vigilante?

Crypto Vigilante is a specialist trading and investing analysis group dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency. It is part of the Dollar Vigilante group, which is an anarcho-capitalist blog focusing on gold, silver, mining stocks, Bitcoin and offshore banking. Crypto Vigilante is also the main event organiser of Anarchapulco.

Listen to the full recording

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