pirate OS


An additional layer of privacy to shield transactions from your operating system

Fique Anônimo

Our operating system is completely anonymous when you combine it with a VPN service.


An operating system stripped down of features and the highest security to protect your wallet & funds

Segurança é A Prioridade

Segurança do usuário é a prioridade para todas as tecnologias utilizando a criptomoeda ARRR.

Amigável para o Usuário

Easy to download and install/burn into a USB stick. Use your new OS to run your wallet

Designada para Usuários

We aim to make the OS as simple to download, install and use as possible. Send us your feedback.


The Pirate OS offers an additional layer of privacy for ARRR wallets
In addition of using the world’s most private cryptocurrency, the Pirate OS offers plug-and-play USB functionality as an additional layer of security. It does this to shield your wallet activity from the prying eyes of your commercial operating system.

The Pirate OS defends users with VPN and Tor by default, maximizing security especially when running crypto wallets. PirateOS boasts pro-active defenses such as MAC address spoofing which improves anonymity on local networks. To round out the security package, PirateOS developers will include drive encryption.



USB Bootable Operating System

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