If you want to use our logos for your website or blog, or as avatars, you will find all official graphics here. Click on the logos to open them in large format. You can also find a selection of banners in different sizes.

For SVG files: https://github.com/PirateNetwork/mediakit

Diretrizes de Marca

  • Font 1: Bai Jamjuree (semi-bold / bold)
  • Fonte 2: Roboto
  • Fonte Alternativa: Pirata One
  • Cor Principal: #BB9645


Logo da Moeda Pirate

Black ARRR Pirate Chain coin logo Gold ARRR Pirate coin logo


Logo Principal da Pirate

Gold & Black ARRR Pirate coin ship logo


Logo Pirate Empilhado

Pirate logo transparent background


Letra P do Logo da Pirate

Black ARRR Pirate logo Gold ARRR Pirate P logo


Logo do Navio da Pirate

Pirate Ship Arrrmada logo black Gold Pirate Ship Arrrmada logo


Logo da Caveira da Pirate

Pirate ARRR skull logo black Gold Pirate ARRR skull logo


Pirate Wordmark

Black Pirate logo Gold Pirate logo



pirate no border 300x250
pirate chain 300x250
pirate chain 300x250
pirate privacy 300 x 250


skull island
pirate 728x90
pirate chain 728x90 arrr



pirate 300x600 blockchain background
pirate 300x600 blockchain
pirate 300x600 background
pirate 300x600 nautical theme



pt_BRPortuguês do Brasil