Pirate Chain Wallets for ARRR

One-Click Wallet Installation

Ahoy Pirates,

To make it even easier for you to operate the Pirate Chain wallets, we have created a new easy one-click wallet installation script. This development is courtesy of Pirate Chain First Mate kaks. It works for the SevenSeas and PirateOcean wallets and offers the following features:

:pirate_galleon: Fast block syncing
:pirate_galleon: Bootstrap downloading
:pirate_galleon: Bootstrap extraction (removes old blocks + Chainstate folders & replaces with fresh blocks files)
:pirate_galleon: Bootstrap installation (7-zip)
:pirate_galleon: Zcash parameters installation
:pirate_galleon: Auto-launch of wallet


PirateOcean Wallet

⚓ Download: PirateOcean.sh and wget64.exe (Linux users only need to download and run PirateOcean.sh)
🚩 Run: PirateOcean.sh


SevenSeas Wallet

⚓ Download: Sevenseas.sh and wget64.exe (Linux users only need to download and run SevenSeas.sh)
🚩 Run: Sevenseas.sh


Verus Desktop Wallet

⚓ Download: VerusDesktop.sh and wget64.exe (Linux users only need to download and run VerusDesktop.sh)
🚩 Run: VerusDesktop.sh


Windows Tutorial

Linux Tutorial


:treasure: Enjoy the easy wallet installation!

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