Pirate Ocean (Native QT Full Node Wallet)

The Pirate Chain team is happy to announce the release of a major update to the Pirate Ocean wallet. Pirate Ocean QT was first created and maintained for several years by Pirate Chain team member and pool owner, ComputerGenie. This latest version was created by Pirate Chain core developer Forge. He has added a number of new features and also brings a number of code improvements.

Why Is This A Significant Release?

Apart from the cool new user additions, due to the nature of privacy technology, developing wallets for z-z only cryptocurrencies is more difficult than in most other chains. This is because alongside great user features, the privacy technology which is integrated in the wallets, has to be highly secure. So every time we have a development in this area, it is a great achievement in itself.

Wallet Improvements

Several improvements have been in made in regards to the transaction data as the first phase of the wallet overhaul is complete.

  • Transaction addresses are now visible across the wallet
  • A transaction category feature has been added
  • The transaction amount is now visible
  • Both incoming and outgoing transactions are showing
  • Support for Z watch addresses has been added
  • In this version all of the command line arguments are pre-set

Integration In Primary Repo

The Qt code from the PirateOcean repo has been integrated into the primary full node repo Pirate. This is to ensure consistency across wallet releases and increase development efficiency. It is also an effort on the part of the development team to gather all code under the main Pirate repo.

Official Wallet For ARRR

The Pirate Ocean QT is going to be the main and official cryptocurrency wallet to hold ARRR from the Pirate Chain team. Core developer Forge will continue maintaining it and plans to bring a number of further cosmetic and functional updates to the wallet.

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