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A great article about the initial intentions of $BTC to become a censorship resistant and fungible currency, how it was side-tracked and how privacy cryptocurrencies are filling the gap.

One of the most important points it argues, is how Bitcoin is a transparent asset compared to privacy coins which are now the only viable currencies (or medium of exchange) as real money has to be private.

Privacy Coins

The cryptocurrency revolution is only truly possible with privacy attached. The alternative is that the existing financial system will adopt and absorb crypto, thus exterminating it’s positive effect and the opportunities it gives to make the financial playing field more fair.

If we do not embrace privacy coins, transparent blockchains will lead us to the opposite result. More centralization and financial oppression. This time with an undeniable digital footprint following us everywhere.

And this is where the article is brilliant in highlighting this need, plus offering many more valid points that it raises in relation to the state of finance, cryptocurrencies and Pirate.

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