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Ahoy Pirates! June was a busy month for Pirate Chain. Our team and community members brought Pirate Chain to two events, the Miami Shitcoin Conference and Porcfest. $ARRR was also listed on not one but two exchanges. We have breakthroughs on ARRRtomicSwaps, and we also brought you highly requested updates to the wallets. wARRR is close to completion, and we have a fundraiser for the last component for getting wARRR battle-ready! For the first time in crypto, Pirate Chain has an official theme song! To celebrate this milestone, we are a running a remix competition. Checkout this month’s Pirate Post for a edition loaded with with updates!

Project Updates

Official Pirate Chain Theme Song


ARRRtomic Swaps


wARRR DeFi fundraiser

the wARRR fundraiser is finally up, with a target goal of $16k. As soon as the funds are raised, the work can begin on the gateways, portal and bridge. Let’s get this knocked out!

Wallet Updates

new Treasure chest v.5.2.0

New Features:
Add fiat price
Add offline Signing Upgrade to, but don’t activate note format v2, aka zip212
Add Bip39 seed phrase
Add Memo as hex string or text
Add rescan to gui
Add z_gettreestate rpc

Update dialog on bootstrap screen popup

Bug Fixes:
Fix watch balance on overview
Fix recovery after tx write failure
Skip archive verification if wallet is partially corrupt to allow wallet dump

Download the latest treasure chest wallet :


:pirate_p: New Paper Wallet Release v0.4.0 :pirate_p:

Update dependency printpdf to 3.2

Add Bip39 functionality:

– 24 word seed phrase is produced with each address/key

Added wallet recovery options:

– 24 word seed phrase wallet recovery

– HDSeed wallet recovery

New Options:

– Disable Bip39 seed phrase and 64 byte seed to support pre-bip39 full node derivation path from HDSeed.

– Optionally change the Bip44 coin type to support recovery of older versions of the paper wallet using coin type 133.

Exchange listings

This is a record. In June, Pirate Chain was listed on not one, not but two exchanges!

:pirate_flag: is now a Pirate exchange :pirate_flag: (

– Full KYC Trading Market: ARRR/USDT & ARRR/ETH Deposits & Trading are both LIVE! Listing Vote #148 -Pirate Chain (ARRR), $15,000 ARRR Giveaway:


Kucoin Is Now a Pirate Exchange

Kucoin offers No KYC at a 5 BTC/day withdrawal limit.
The following trading pairs are listed: ARRR/USDT & ARRR/BTC

Here’s the Official KuCoin Announcement and our Kucoin Announcement


Meeting Recordings

Monthly Project Update Meetings

The Pirate team will report on all project updates at a monthly update meeting on the the first Wednesday of each month. Catch up on the last monthly meeting here.


Pirate Fireside Chat meeting replays:

Catch up on the weekly Pirate Fireside Chats,

  • June 16th,


  • June 23rd,


  • June 30th, live chat with the Pirate Chain team at Porcfest


Meetings & Events

Miami Shitcoin Conference


Porcfest – FREE STATE PROJECT’S 18TH ANNUAL Porcupine Freedom Festival

“Free State Project is encouraging thousands of liberty activists to move to New Hampshire to Live Free and Thrive! We are the most successful mass-migration movement since the closing of the American frontier. Free Staters are apple-pie-baking agorists, hippies and hipsters with guns, farmers with the internet, techies, and sustainable food freedom fighters.”


The Scuttlebutt

As suggested by Pirate Ectocooler, this is a new section for Pirate Projects in the works and rumored upcoming developments and events!

…the next halving is coming….


Social Media

We would like to thank all the Pirates who have created content (explainer videos, how-to videos, interviews and reviews). Without you, privacy would not have a voice. We will try to feature as much of your content as feasibly possible in every newsletter, however, we will not be able to cover all. Please dm @wookie25 on discord if you would like to request that your video/podcast/article be featured, or if you would like to arrange for an interview.


Pirate Chain Github Visualization


The First Pirate Chain Music Competition

The resounding success of the Official Pirate Chain Theme Song by LoPhatMelk and The Quarter Master has sent sonic wave across our community! To celebrate this Pirate music fest we are launching a Music Remix competition with the opportunity to win 200 ARRR.
:piratechain: Competition Steps:
1. Create a rmx of
2. Submit it on discord to +dreamTim , The Quarter Master or LoPhatMelk via DM
:skull~2: Rules:
:pirateX: Make sure that your version is original (tempo changes will not count)
:pirateX: Ensure that it contains elements of the original such as some of the lyrics and the melody
:pirateX: Do not publish it before it is submitted here
:pirateX: Existing remixes will automatically qualify for this competition
:burning_money: Receive bonus points for music genres that have not been done yet
:burning_money: Translated versions verified by the team are eligible
The tracks will be judged by: :pirate_galleon: The Pirate Chain Team :pirate_galleon: The Community :pirate_galleon: The General Public
The deadline for submissions is 31st of August 2021

Here are some of the submissions in June:


Crypto Rich on How to Buy Pirate Chain


The Gran Torino interviews Lootz

The Coin Republic


Motion Graphic of ARRR Price Chart over time

AnimMarket make a cool animated video of $ARRR price action over time. It’s a fun video, take a look!


CryptoWendyO TA’s Pirate Chain


Cowboys of Crypto on Pirate Chain as the altcoin gem pick


The Barbarian Dad talks about Pirate Chain


Trading Academy performs TA on Pirate Chain


Invest with Fire discusses the global government coordinated attack on Bitcoin and Privacy Coins


Merchant/BPSAA Updates


If you have a store that accepts $ARRR, register here to be included in the ARRRmada merchant directory. Look up merchants that advocate Privacy and accept $ARRR as payment.

Last word from the editor

For this issue of the Pirate Post, I want to further explore the idea of the Pirate Chain community as a new decentralized form of an International Non-governmental organizations (NGO).

A NGO is a non-profit private group that functions independently of any government. Traditionally, NGOs are organized on community, national and international levels to serve a social or political goal such as humanitarian causes or the environment. ( NGOs also play a major role in international development, aid and philanthropy.

The modern NGO as we know it today only came about with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945. ( There are many types of NGOs, categorized by orientation (charitable, service, participatory, empowering) and level of cooperation (community based, city wide, national, and international).

NGOs are known to perform a variety of functions:

  • Human rights.
  • Environmental (sustainable water and energy resources).
  • Education and public safety.
  • Managing emerging health crises (HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B).
  • Community social problems (juvenile crimes, run-aways, street children, prostitution).

Examples of well known NGOs:

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.

World Privacy Forum is a nonprofit research group providing information about cybersecurity and privacy best practices and key issues. It is a nonprofit focused on empowering people with the right knowledge and tools to protect their information on the internet. World Privacy Forum releases reports on the biggest privacy issues affecting people online. 

Our Pirate Chain community is the world’s first decentralized, international, grassroots non-profit group that champions the right to privacy. By being a member of the community, every pirate is a human rights advocate. Whether you volunteer time to organize meetings, create media to raise public awareness, or talk to your family and friends about the erosion of privacy, you are performing a public service to improve society. And Pirate Chain is the tool that empowers our movement to create a privacy-respecting world. 

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.” ~ Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States. 


Pirate Chain Anonymity Set

Every newsletter ends with the latest anonymity set size of Pirate Chain at the time of publication. Why is this important? Every privacy technology hides transactions amongst others in an anonymity set. Monero’s maximum anonymity set is 11, Lelantus’s maximum anonymity set is capped at 65k. The anonymity set of Pirate Chain can be tracked in real time at the Pirate Chain Privacy Stats website made by CHMEX.

At the time of publication, the anonymity set size of Pirate Chain is:

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Because Financial Privacy Today, Is Freedom Tomorrow

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