Joining Changelly As soon as this campaign started Pirate Chain developer JL777 has pledged to match the donations dollar for dollar, meaning that we only need to raise half the amount to get there. The total we are looking to raise is $25,000 from the community towards integrating Pirate Chain (ARRR) into Changelly. JL777 will offer the rest $25,000. But why is Changelly so important to Pirate? Instant Coin Swap We can benefit greatly by being part of one of the best instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms. One of the core features of Changelly will be the ability to convert most cryptocurrencies into ARRR. This drastically increases the possibilities of other […]

pirate events mexico anarchapulco 2021

New Event in 2021 Pirate Chain (ARRR) is taking part in this years Anarchapulco 2021. This is going to be a limited attendance physical event, as well as a virtual event with a number of interesting speakers. Pirate will be there, alongside other important privacy projects to discuss security, privacy, sovereignty and financial freedom. Community Fundraiser The community has started a fundraiser to sponsor a digital booth where Pirate Chain and other projects will stream discussions and presentations to all participants. More information about this can be found here: Anarchapulco 2021 will take place March 8, 9, 10 and 11 2021 in Acapulco, Mexico. It is organised by a […]

arrr crypto wallet migration

Ahoy Pirates,   Time for change The development team has been consolidating efforts in the area of fund storage and wallets. It has been decided to focus on the production of the Pirate Ocean wallet. The wallet will continue to be developed and enhanced with new features. Older wallets will be phased out and discontinued over time.   Migrating wallets In light of this change, First Mate Kaks has prepared a video on how to migrate from your old Seven Seas wallet to the latest version of the Pirate Ocean wallet. Download the latest version of Pirate Ocean wallet here. Follow the video instruction Migrate your wallet and funds   […]

Crypto Vigilante

Weekly Discord Meeting ☠️ Just in case you missed this weekly meeting on Discord, you can now listen to the recording of our live weekly Wednesday meet-up with the fantastic Rafael LaVerde from the Crypto Vigilante group (cryptocurrency focused part of Dollar Vigilante). We talk about several things but amongst others were: How Crypto Vigilante discovered Pirate Chain The research behind the project The famous 70 page analysis report The recent boost in price The value of Pirate Chain (ARRR) (current and future) The role of Pirate Chain in the privacy ecosystem What Crypto Vigilante does and how to be part of it What is Crypto Vigilante? Crypto Vigilante is […]

  Preamble Happy New Year, Pirates! Let’s hope for a refreshed and renewed 2021 that will be much better for all! After two and a half years of publications, we are changing the name of the newsletter to The Pirate Post. The last month of 2020 certainly was full of celebrations and surprises. Pirate celebrated its 3rd halving! We saw new all time highs in BTC and the stock market. We also celebrate a much deserved firstmate promotion. Read on for more details!   Project Updates Pirate Chain Halving #3 On December 2nd, 2350hr UTC, Pirate Chain underwent its third halving event. Mining rewards were reduced from 64 to 32. […]


2021 Update Ahoy mateys, First Mate Kaks has put together some instructions on how to run Pirate using CLI. We hope that you find them useful. CLI commands   Daemon To run the daemon for PirateChain (use also the next command if running for the first time): Copy to clipboard Bootstrap If you are running the pirate daemon for the first time, to sync faster it is recommended to download the “blockchain files” by using the following command: Copy to clipboard getinfo The getinfo method returns an object containing various information about the wallet and blockchain info. Copy to clipboard getwalletinfo The getwalletinfo method returns an object containing various information […]

the survival podcast

Ahoy Pirates, Pirate Chain captain Draeth appeared twice on The Survival Podcast. He got the opportunity to introduce Pirate Chain to a new audience and discussed a number of burning issues in the space of personal and financial privacy, amongst others. What was discussed? Some of the areas covered in the two interviews: 🦜 Wallet issues and resolutions coming soon 🏴‍☠️ The BPSAA Alliance and it’s relationship with Pirate Chain 🦜 Future projects in the pipeline 🏴‍☠️ Privacy in general (on a personal and financial level) What is the Survival Podcast? The survival podcast is a very popular online talk show by Jack Spirko. It is dedicated to modern survivalism, […]

(graphics courtesy of DreamTim) Preamble Ahoy Pirates! November was a great month for Pirate. In addition to project highlights on the PiratePay app, we have had some really terrific and insightful podcast interviews last month. Don’t miss out on the Pirate Chain interviews on The Survival Podcast and the Gold, Guns ‘n Goat podcast. This is also the last monthly newsletter for 2020, so we’ve updated our roadmap to highlight Pirate’s accomplishments despite this tumultuous year. The editorial at the end of this newsletter reviews some of the noteworthy achievements from each month of 2020.   Project Updates PiratePay is in beta testing The Pirate team is proud to announce […]

Charity Event

  On December 7th, 2020, Pirate Chain announced that they will be sponsoring the Play for Good charity event. The event’s main aim is to help the homeless during these trying times. For one month, at, young and old people alike can try to become the champion of the most famous online game: Flappy-Bird. Challengers of a new kind: their Flappy-Bird will wear the colours of an association that they have chosen to represent. They also can, if they wish, to donate and support the association in real life! Pirate Chain’s goal was to raise 2500 ARRR (approximately $500 at the time of the announcement), with Captain Draeth personally […]

Bootstrap Installation

Hi Everyone, When downloading a full node wallet, if you want your syncing to be faster, you will need to download the bootstrap file separately. In some cases you will also need to download and install the zcash parameters. Pirate Chain First Mate Kaks, has put together a list of instructions to make your journey easier. How To Install The Bootstrap   Windows (CMD) WINDOWS: mkdir %appdata%\komodo\PIRATE & curl -L -O & tar -xf ARRR-bootstrap.tar.gz -C %appdata%\komodo\PIRATE Linux (TERMINAL) Linux: mkdir -p /home/$USER/.komodo/PIRATE && chmod 755 /home/$USER/.komodo/PIRATE;wget -N –no-check-certificate –progress=dot:giga –continue –retry-connrefused –waitretry=3 –timeout=30;tar -xzvf /home/$USER/.komodo/PIRATE/ARRR-bootstrap.tar.gz -C /home/$USER/.komodo/PIRATE Apple (Terminal) Mac: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/; mkdir -p Komodo/PIRATE/ && chmod 755 […]