~by wookie graphic courtesy of pwnz   What is the “halvening” Bitcoin and all blockchains derived from its code use a computation algorithm solved by “miners”, known as Proof-of-Work, to ensure the security of its blockchain. As compensation for their work, miners are rewarded with the transaction fees along with a predetermined number of newly created coins. This reward is necessarily reduced on a regular interval so that the total number of coins produced over time meets the fixed supply. Most blockchains use a 50% reduction strategy where the emitted block rewards is cut by half after a certain number of blocks. In the case of Bitcoin, the halving event, […]

Pirate Chain expands its horizons High quality teams contributing to exciting innovative solutions Pirate Chain can establish a stronger presence Highly selective onboarding of new projects that help us and others The Pirate Chain community joins the Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 in forming the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA). The conception of the BPSAA came directly from members of the Pirate Chain team in conjunction with members of the Turtle Network. The alliance is formed to help each project to achieve its goals faster, providing additional resources and know-how, previously unavailable to the community. The purpose of the alliance is to unite dedicated teams, with high quality […]

Preamble Ahoy Pirates! We have had an exciting first month of 2020 for Pirate Chain. Highlights discussed in this update include, development on the Pirate Point-of-Sale system, mobile wallet update, partnerships news, conference participation plans, marketing strategy updates, exchange news, social media interviews and AMAs. Most immediately and importantly, the Pirate halvening is happening on February 27th! Artwork credit to Dreamtim.   Project Developments Partnership We are partnering with Sentinel! We will be able to not only pay for their dVPN services with ARRR, but they are building a special version for PirateOS! GhostShipOS and GalleonOS will not only run on the custom dVPN, users will also benefit from its […]

Ahoy, Me Hearties, Avast Ye. We have a booty for you on how to run a rig without getting marooned. Pirate Chain is lucky to have some very knowledgeable miners among it’s ranks. This week we are asking community seadog but also Developer, Trader, Mining Farm & Pool Operator ComputerGenie about his experiences and opinion on mining in general and Pirate Chain ARRR more specifically. 1) How long have you been involved with blockchain projects and at what level? The “truth” is “just under 3 years”. The long answer involves a long and sorted tale involving the misnomer of a channel called “tradebots”. The level of involvement has grown and […]

trading arrr btc graph

Ahoy fellow Pirates, The month of January has seen an investment bull run that has increased Bitcoin prices past the $9,000 mark. This has also impacted trading for many other crypto altcoins positively. Pirate Chain ARRR showed price gains of around 27% so far in January 2020 compared to December 2019. Trading was also considerably higher across the major exchanges after the 17th of the month. CoinEx Daily trading at CoinEx exchange which usually lingers around 3BTC peaked threefold at almost 9BTC at some point on the 17 of January. Buy volumes also increased considerably across CoinEx and most other exchanges. Altsbit Altsbit saw increases in pricing and volume and […]

Safe Trade Exchange

The Pirate Chain community is happy to announce another successful integration of the most anonymous cryptocurrency $ARRR, on a new exchange, SafeTrade. SafeTrade SafeTrade is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange based in Canada, that has been established since 2018. The exchange has a total list of 31 cryptocurrencies currently available. There is also a wide variety of trading pairs. Trading Registering with SafeTrade is fast and simple. Please note that for deposits and withdrawals you will be required to set up 2FA authentication. The trading pairs offered by SafeTrade to Pirate Chain are ARRR/BTC and ARRR/SAFE. https://safe.trade/trading/arrrbtc https://safe.trade/trading/arrrsafe Trading commenced at the 18th of January 2020 with no known issues as […]

Preamble December was an exciting month, but more so, 2019 has been a stellar year for the most anonymous cryptocurrency, Pirate Chain! In the 16 months since Pirate Chain’s inception, a lot have been accomplished and all of it is due to our community of Pirates! On this first day of 2020, we want to acknowledge and thank every Pirate community member for all your contributions! (art by @maco, commissioned by Captain Draeth)   Project Developments Tortuga w/ Turtle network Thanks to @Wolf, the TrueUSD gateway, and CryptoBrokers Gateway Deployment Framework were successfully verified and solidified in TurtleNetwork’s main dashboard.  The focus can finally shift back to PirateChain. The code […]

GhostShip OS   In today’s digital world, every action online is monitored and tracked. All financial transactions are at best recorded, or worse, hijacked by hackers for future illicit purchases. Pirate Chain is the most secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. Users of Pirate Chain ($ARRR) are assured they are using the most private form of money transfer available to date. To learn more about Pirate Chain, refer to this article: https://medium.com/piratechain/the-case-for-privacy-25ed1b809dd   While usage of $ARRR secures and anonymizes the financial transaction, there are still potential vectors of attack. The community at Pirate Chain came together to build a privacy-centric, operating system with the primary goal of protecting the user’s security […]

(Press Release) Pirate Chain Launches Pirate OS: a Privacy-first Operating System   December 20th, 2019 – On December 20th, Pirate Chain launched the Pirate Operating System (OS). Pirate OS is a privacy-focused, bootable system that can be run from a USB drive. This series of products from Pirate Chain is designed to protect users potential network surveillance threats.   Ghostship OS is the first iteration of the series. Based on openSUSE, Ghostship developers fully customized the code. Ghostship includes native Tor integration and built-in support for most commercially available VPNs. Using Pirate Chain wallets in the Ghostship OS environment offers stronger security and anonymity than any standalone cryptocurrency wallet. The […]

Preamble Ahoy Pirates! November has gone by fast and the most private cryptocurrency Pirate Chain has had tremendous success in the Cayman Islands! Marketing events Pirate sponsored the Pirate Weeks Festival! A strong contingent consisting of Captain Draeth, Firstmates Lootz, House, Ph0enix, along with Deckhand Wolf and Powdermonkey Zmarc. The purpose of this trip was primarily (1) to evaluate the crypto and privacy environment, and (2) to spread the good word about Pirate Chain! Here’s a brief summary of the highlights: The team pounded the ground going door-to-door with local businesses. Not surprisingly, every merchant embraces privacy cryptocurrency and loved the most private cryptocurrency, Pirate Chain. True to her name, […]

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