(Graphics courtesy of Dreamtim) Ahoy Pirates! What a crazy time these past few weeks have been. We achieved new all-time-highs in every possible measure including number website visits per day, number of twitter followers, weekly meeting audience size, and of course, the price action. Since Pirate Chain has no block reward taxes to pay for any centralized employees, we have every Pirate to thank for all the tireless voluntary efforts and generous donations that have nurtured Pirate Chain. In this edition’s editorial, we present an analytical investigation and demonstrate the applicability of Metcalfe’s Law to privacy and Pirate Chain. Normally, each edition of this newsletter focuses on events of the […]


Ahoy Pirates, The news you have been waiting for are here. With your invaluable support to raise the funds we have finally achieved our target. As promised, we are now live for exchanges and trades on Changelly and the Changelly Pro trading platform. The benefits of Changelly One of the most important feature of Changelly is the Instant Conversion feature. Now you can swap various cryptocurrencies to ARRR in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Changelly also offers a fully fledged Trading Platform. You can now use the Changelly Pro cryptocurrency trading platform to trade in ARRR Buy crypto that you can quickly convert into ARRR through the Changelly Fiat Gateway. […]


The lite wallet has undergone fresh updates to improve usability, speed and security. Pirate Chain core dev Forge has been working behind the scenes to make wallet functionality and cross compatibility stronger than ever. And the wallets design is looking pretty hot too. piratewallet-lite-cli The version of the Lite Wallet for Pirate (piratewallet-lite-cli) was updated: Enabled the use of single address inputs to prevent odd transaction overlaps with the mobile wallet Introduced a function to be able to update checkpoints without having to recompile Improved the transaction fee and change handling User Interface Updates The user interface was updated to use single transaction inputs Settings Tab Update Added a show […]

pirate webinar

New Webinar The Komodo Platform hosted a webinar that included all the members of the BPSAA. The members that appeared (not in this order) were Pirate Chain, Ergo, Ether-1, TurtleNetwork, Burst, Dragonchain, BitTube, Sentinel and the Komodo Platform. Pirate Chain was represented by Captain Draeth. Find Out More You can find more information about the webinar on the Komodo Platform website https://komodoplatform.com/en/events/bpsaa-webinar.html. Watch the full webinar below in the video below. About the BPSAA The BPSAA is a non-profit organisation advocating for privacy, security and cryptocurrency adoption. It helps it’s members in various ways. By leading a blockchain think tank, development collaboration and marketing support. Amongst other things, the BPSAA […]

Anarchapulco 2021

Ahoy Pirates, Anarchapulco took place in Acapulco, Mexico between the 8th and 11th of March 2021. The event was run in collaboration with Dollar Vigilante and FloteFest. It was an astounding success for the event itself and Pirate Chain that sponsored. We have put together a collection of pictures kindly provided by Lootz and Benny who were there speaking to people and manning the Pirate Chain booth. You can also watch the video at the end of this blog post. More info about the event in our previous blog post about Anarchapulco.                             Video

(graphic courtesy of Dreamtim) Ahoy Pirates! As a community, we achieved a lot in February! We successfully completed the largest community fundraise in Pirate’s history. In our continued efforts to simplify Pirate adoption and enhance user experience, Firstmate Kaks produced another video guide in our Pirate education series. We also held our monthly project updates meeting and had three fireside chats with Lootz and his guests from Anarchapulco, Ergo and BTDex. February was also a banner month for Pirate at crypto events. Checkout this month’s newsletter to read about all these happenings in detail!   Project Updates Pirate Education Series This is a new section that will feature new “how-to” […]

hakernoon article

New Article by Wookie A great article about the initial intentions of $BTC to become a censorship resistant and fungible currency, how it was side-tracked and how privacy cryptocurrencies are filling the gap. One of the most important points it argues, is how Bitcoin is a transparent asset compared to privacy coins which are now the only viable currencies (or medium of exchange) as real money has to be private. Privacy Coins The cryptocurrency revolution is only truly possible with privacy attached. The alternative is that the existing financial system will adopt and absorb crypto, thus exterminating it’s positive effect and the opportunities it gives to make the financial playing […]

Ahoy Pirates! January was a busy month with many developments, updates and events. There were several new implementations around our discord, a new wallet support system, new how-to videos, and a revamped ARRRmada website. The Pirate Chain wallet was updated decreasing loading times and underwent a facelift. The Pirate team also held several fundraises for important upcoming events and listings. Read more about these updates in this edition.   Project Updates Wallet Support Upgrades The Pirate team has improved the process for receiving user support in discord. We believe this will result in faster response times while providing Pirates with a better overall experience. The team is proud to introduce […]

treasure chest cryptocurrency wallet

The new Pirate Chain full node wallet is here. Core Dev Forge has done a lot of work to improve the wallet’s security and to make it lighter and more user-friendly. The most notable changes for users will be: Brand New Look The brand new look now has 3 modes to choose from. The standard version, a dark mode and a pirate mode, which is (and we are biased) the most aesthetically pleasing. Memo Field Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of a secure memo field. The memo field accepts up to 512 characters. It is a secure form of communication on-chain. It also offers an interface between the […]


Joining Changelly As soon as this campaign started Pirate Chain developer JL777 has pledged to match the donations dollar for dollar, meaning that we only need to raise half the amount to get there. The total we are looking to raise is $25,000 from the community towards integrating Pirate Chain (ARRR) into Changelly. JL777 will offer the rest $25,000. But why is Changelly so important to Pirate? Instant Coin Swap We can benefit greatly by being part of one of the best instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms. One of the core features of Changelly will be the ability to convert most cryptocurrencies into ARRR. This drastically increases the possibilities of other […]