What is wARRR? wARRR is a tokenized version of ARRR on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – and potentially other platforms in the future. wARRR allows users to exit transparent platforms and make their funds private by sending their wARRR through a bridge and converting it to ARRR (also known as unwrapping). Users convert their ARRR to wARRR via the bridge, and can then trade on Pancakeswap, as well as provide liquidity to the wARRR/BNB pair. If a user provides liquidity, then can then stake it to receive rewards over time from the transaction fees that occur. There is a 1% transaction fee that happens when a user buys/sells/transacts with wARRR, […]

wrapped ARRR

This is wARRR Pirate Chain is now entering the world of DeFi with the addition of wrapped ARRR (aka wARRR) to the Binance Smart Chain. This will happen on Monday 20th of September 2021, at 1:00pm EDT (5pm UTC). BSC was voted by the community for its lower fees compared to the Ethereum network. wARRR will provide a service to offer a privacy exit option on the BSC network as well as broaden the usage and reach of ARRR. wARRR can be held in any Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet. A total of 5% of the ARRR supply is being made available with another 10% reserved in case of demand […]


Everything in this world that is scarce, by definition, can have a price put on it. The air we breathe has no price because it is superabundant — but given the right conditions, it can be transformed into the most valuable commodity (many who have walked the plank found this out the hard way). And so it is with bits, bits that become “information objects which are provably costly to create” once you attach proof of work (PoW) to them (Finney, 2007). Everything that is scarce is subject to the laws of supply and demand. If supply is increasing faster than demand, you get falling prices (e.g., fiat shitcoins). The […]


For those that would like to contact us securely and with full encryption we are sharing the Pirate Chain Public PGP key for you to do so. Step By Step Guide Download https://pgptool.github.io to securely encrypt and decrypt files. Encrypt your message using our public key Send it to us in our Keybase group for maximum privacy: https://keybase.io/team/pirate_arrr Do not forget to add your public key if you are expecting an encrypted reply (Never share your private key or ever transmit it online)   PGP Public key —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: BCPG v1.63 mQSuBGE1jYgRDADAN23PD9h5H7Tmqx/GUhWINZFBv6LG1fjNSb7TumtuC79CUnut LifrtWi4xQzBRirdob99ZrGBVlZKW9PQBXLTPqf1G3qqYinUTRAiOFtliKtM6cYX pOTKK/wO3QZUPbe+8HRqVkqUttP6zhTdRb1hrEhZKpOp20czFVOSG28G7lX/0Duf bFaoGvjK4m9RZm5E7S7lqPnrVXPclHLQ8kvQXrTcxBLM1p/Dp0/bYMO5Z5pdAZ5v 87KeQddFH408pLFn5jqhNICwCEd6GD3TNQTaR7UPz7zDJVtw6MS7WMhK/Bc5X2y2 BxhfoHW4C7V8SImEZXeTs93SNhclVWVleKhJOhB2ReQKO9xyW2pJnnifLpzdQXgR 0uvW0doY5XnmSi858wrKEyNKIIz8uhkpTXXvEpq0zbB1x2XWapC1o4VjJd8w/kMG dgkFCyTTf3eNhwLoLbYum/oX9BvjRyTKJoXn6hbFJ2U55Xi9Y0Akee2GsmojUrZH DnUDFwlB6FRFQuEBAOXLwAoBPpKV2m56J1J/3Zzq43U5M9YT7HK1iIQH76rtC/9L ue1TFZ+pN7P9Jxx5IIKlhMEy8CKRkNr++VWJgGDSXe6IImLsJfBps7Q9uCiTDHcD G2p775zXpRxmcLhZu9/idLxBvuZ697TY/Q1TBdqXUVKBqLwx1sPxL7BDUaGox8ws YwCTtfRfJbRRegwWxamTpS6qWC08499fWE/QUi89AwbWbpD7hzhBkTA9VfXrYmb1 ApEDNL2bCQV3uR5JD01NprdV4LENZxrqtraM31csIChCxPo+a1/DT441T5CeMTeU pHk96J1uWjmRsfRA+SBpFfTn5nzNXlRHe1AdioApRd0+aYZyBDJsbYdTV9vFpfqK QLWjzuATfqP+T4oFvisxHN7RKfjVUy6ca8Wf6Yj8Z1ev8uTVf/irlt1+GKre584N […]

3 years of ARRR

3 Years Of Financial Freedom Ahoy Pirates! Time flies when you’re surrounded by hearty mates and good times. Hard to believe that it’s been 3 years in a blink of an eye. We celebrate Pirate’s 3rd Birthday today! We started out returning the power of privacy to the users, empowering them with the option to opt out when they choose. Over this time, we strengthened Pirate Chain with dPoW, and reduced the risk of user data leakage at access points by building in Tor compatibility and created a privacy-focused bootable operating system, Ghostship. We’ve built the world’s first fully private economy centered around Pirate Chain. The ARRRmada today is over […]

Privacy matters

Freedom Fest 2021 Our lovely team of scallywags and deckhands has put together an overview video of the best moments at the Freedom Fest event in South Dakota in 2021. Pirate Chain (ARRR), the most anonymous cryptocurrency took part with an amazing team spreading the word about the importance of privacy and blockchain for our financial future. We met many like-minded individuals and found the event to be a great success in raising awareness for the ARRR cryptocurrency and the project overall. Courtesy of Ben, Vi, Matt and the rest of the Pirate Crew. Watch the video

Illustration courtesy of Dreamtim Preamble Ahoy Pirates! July was a great month for Pirate Chain. The Freedom Fest event was a tremendous success thanks to the hardwork of Benny and his events crew. We released our light code audit. On the fun side of things, we announced Pirate Life Casino, a casino powered by Night Life Crypto, where you can play casino games with ARRR! It’s always amazing to see the Pirate Flag raised all around the world! We are one,  we are Pirates!   Project Updates Code Audit The Pirate Chain team has commissioned a 3rd-party light code audit (QA Testing & Security Review) from Cyber Unit Technologies that […]

Graphics courtesy of DreamTim Ahoy Pirates! June was a busy month for Pirate Chain. Our team and community members brought Pirate Chain to two events, the Miami Shitcoin Conference and Porcfest. $ARRR was also listed on not one but two exchanges. We have breakthroughs on ARRRtomicSwaps, and we also brought you highly requested updates to the wallets. wARRR is close to completion, and we have a fundraiser for the last component for getting wARRR battle-ready! For the first time in crypto, Pirate Chain has an official theme song! To celebrate this milestone, we are a running a remix competition. Checkout this month’s Pirate Post for a edition loaded with with […]

Pirate Life Casino

  Cryptocurrency Adoption & Utility Whilst many cryptocurrency projects try to find utility for their coins, few actually make successful steps in that direction. Pirate Chain has been making considerable headways both with technological support for merchants and service providers, as well as initiatives such as the ARRRmada.com where all participants accept ARRR as a payment. The Community From the developers to the social media ARRRmy and the various Fleets, everyone is coming together, from different angles, to realise a vision of freedom and self-sustainability for all. It is the effort of  community members working tirelessly in every direction to make a safer and more private financial future happen that […]

How I became a pirate

(Updated with event photos) The Event Pirate Chain attended PorcFest in New Hampshire for the 2021 event. A number of the Pirate Chain team attended the event and run several initiatives including speeches, an open-air cinema, a booth and many more. All under the control and inspiring stewardship of Benny Von who leads the organization of Pirate Chain events. Watch the video and learn more about the work the Pirate Chain team does to spread the word about privacy in blockchain, making people familiar with Pirate Chain and ARRR. How I Became A Pirate The video includes a section with Lootz telling his story, how he came across Pirate Chain […]