Reasons Why is Privacy Important for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Not everyone understands the importance of privacy in cryptocurrency transactions, not only for security reasons but also to protect personal privacy, much like the level of privacy enjoyed with traditional fiat currency transactions. Let’s examine some key reasons why privacy is crucial in the cryptocurrency space: 1. Security and Protection Against Fraud Cryptocurrency-based scams continue to dominate as the most significant form of crime in the digital asset space. In 2021, revenue generated from crypto scams reached $10.9 billion, followed by a slightly lower figure of $5.9 billion in 2022. Privacy in cryptocurrency transactions is essential to ensure the security of funds and protect users from potential fraud or theft. […]

Talking about online privacy is a tricky subject. For years, we have been persuaded to believe that we are in control of our data. However, the harsh truth is that everything is screened.  The Great Deception About Citizens’ Data Privacy You may think that some laws protect your privacy, right?  If you are referring to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect since 2018 in Europe, we have bad news for you. Said law is focused on data security but not on privacy. That is, as long as companies comply with strict security guidelines, they can use your personal data.  If you live in the United States, the situation […]

  Preamble Ahoy, Pirates! We celebrated ARRR integration into the Qortal DEX Ecosystem and Pirate Chain’s 4th anniversary in August!!! Developers are working on adding another wARRR bridge, on ETH network this time, while continuing work on the Hardware Wallet. Nothing official yet, but Commander Forge and the team are brainstorming ways to make Pirate Blockchain more independent and stay on top of the game. is up and running smoothly.   Project Update Qortal DEX Listing Ahoy, Pirates! ARRR is now operational in Qortal DEX!!! We’re now able to trade our precious ARRR on a decentralized exchange and discover what Qortal has to offer as a completely safe and […]

You read it right. Bitcoin has a rival, Pirate Chain, the most secure privacy-focused blockchain that ensures your financial freedom. No, it’s not clickbait. This article will explain why Bitcoin cannot give you the financial freedom many preach. So if you are a bitcoiner, you have been warned. We’ll dare to say what nobody from the king of cryptocurrencies wants to hear. Jokes aside, the traditional financial system is not at its best. Inflation, recession, debt, and the possible advent of a new “cold war” are working against the supremacy of the US dollar as the dominant currency (and other government currencies too). And yes, digital currencies can also act […]

security code audit arrr

As promised, the Pirate Chain team has secured a code security review by an external third party. Reviews are part of the development process and occur occasionally to ensure that all parts of the code are scrutinized as much as possible. Why Are Code Audits Important? Making sure that the code functions as it should and has no security holes are critical development stages for any piece of software or hardware. Likewise, with blockchain it is important to have thorough reviews to ensure that hacks and double-spend attacks are impossible to achieve. So how many levels of audits does technology such as Pirate Chain undergo? The list is fairly long […]

Pirate Chain Miami

We are delighted to announce that Pirate Chain Community event aficionado Benny is hosting a meet-up on Tuesday 9th of November, from 7 to 11 PM. There will be free shots of tequila and rum when mentioning ARRR as long as many interesting people to talk to about Pirate, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and freedom. Date Tuesday 9th of November Time 7PM – 11 PM Location 3201 N Miami Ave, Unit 106, Miami, FL 33127. Link

Wallet Encryption

The Pirate Chain development team led by Forge has been working hard the past 6 months to release the newest version of the Treasure Chest full node wallet aka v.5.3.0. What’s New The full node wallet now has the following features: Full Wallet Encryption Every record stored in the wallet.dat for Pirate Chain can be fully encrypted. The current standard inherited from upstream bitcoin/zcash is to just encrypt the spending keys while using the full viewing key and incoming viewing keys as indexes for various objects. This protects your coins from being spent if your wallet.dat is compromised, but not your privacy. While wallet encryption isn’t officially supported by zcash, […]


What is wARRR? wARRR is a tokenized version of ARRR on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – and potentially other platforms in the future. wARRR allows users to exit transparent platforms and make their funds private by sending their wARRR through a bridge and converting it to ARRR (also known as unwrapping). Users convert their ARRR to wARRR via the bridge, and can then trade on Pancakeswap, as well as provide liquidity to the wARRR/BNB pair. If a user provides liquidity, then can then stake it to receive rewards over time from the transaction fees that occur. There is a 1% transaction fee that happens when a user buys/sells/transacts with wARRR, […]

wrapped ARRR

This is wARRR Pirate Chain is now entering the world of DeFi with the addition of wrapped ARRR (aka wARRR) to the Binance Smart Chain. This will happen on Monday 20th of September 2021, at 1:00pm EDT (5pm UTC). BSC was voted by the community for its lower fees compared to the Ethereum network. wARRR will provide a service to offer a privacy exit option on the BSC network as well as broaden the usage and reach of ARRR. wARRR can be held in any Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet. A total of 5% of the ARRR supply is being made available with another 10% reserved in case of demand […]


Everything in this world that is scarce, by definition, can have a price put on it. The air we breathe has no price because it is superabundant — but given the right conditions, it can be transformed into the most valuable commodity (many who have walked the plank found this out the hard way). And so it is with bits, bits that become “information objects which are provably costly to create” once you attach proof of work (PoW) to them (Finney, 2007). Everything that is scarce is subject to the laws of supply and demand. If supply is increasing faster than demand, you get falling prices (e.g., fiat shitcoins). The […]