viewing key

The ViewingKey feature ensures that users can have visibility of a wallet but cannot spend the amount in it. A feature that could have multiple uses, as an example an organisation that is fundraising into a wallet and wants 5 different people to have oversight of the balance. It can be used as a form of accounting system too. Using the viewingkey for a z-address, a user can verify if that z-address has payments sent to it and to monitor the balance, but they wont be able to spend it. Step by Step Instructions 🦜 Install the Pirate Ocean wallet 🦜 Open the wallet and go to Help > Debug […]


Welcome Ergo After just about 3 months of Pirate Chain joining the BPSAA, the alliance is ready to announce the latest member to join the family: Ergo Ergo is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform, offering powerful safe smart contracts using Sigma protocols that enable flexible and highly usable applications. The Ergo team includes a variety of established developers with a rich track record in crypto, blockchain researchers and a strong community behind them. Pirate Chain Integration There are a number of integrations planned for the very near future, including adding Ergo to the GalleonOS as well as integrating ARRR with some of their unique tools and applications. Ergo plans on […]

Pirate OS

Pirate Chain created the Pirate OS to provide an extra layer of wallet privacy and security by letting a USB-powered operating system handle your wallet transactions, in the most private and anonymous way. Instructions Follow the steps below and learn how to burn Pirate OS to a USB drive: 🦜 Download the Rufus application 🦜 Download Pirate OS 🦜 Use a USB key with a 4GB capacity at minimum 🦜 Burn the OS image onto the USB 🦜 You are ready to use Pirate OS with the pre-installed Pirate Chain Lite Wallet Watch the video

Pirate April

Preamble Ahoy Pirates! I hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. To those of our pirate family who have lost family and friends to COVID19, we offer our sincerest condolences. Many parts of the world are still fighting with peak infection rates. Some have weathered past their peaks and are contemplating reopening their economies, while some are already challenged with a second wave of infections. COVID19 will not end humankind. Whatever awaits us at the end of the infection, it will be a very different world. In this unprecedented time, the community and team of the most private cryptocurrency have come together to bring a […]

Private Messaging Whilst financial privacy is the most critical part the Pirate Chain team are working on, the developers have been adding new dimensions to the use of the most anonymous blockchain technology. So it is now possible with a very low fee to retain your privacy and communicate safely and securely using the memo field in native wallets by Pirate Chain. Watch this video to learn how to send private and anonymous text messages using the memo field of the Seven Seas wallet. Pirate Chain developer radix42 has created the Seven Seas wallet exclusively for Pirate Chain. The process of getting started is very simple, follow the steps below […]

The Pirate Chain team put together a short video to explain what the ARRR cryptocurrency is, in just over one minute. Enjoy and share. 🦜 The world’s most anonymous cryptocurrency 🦜 On the road to financial freedom 🦜 With tools to navigate the rough seas 🦜 The largest anonymity set 🦜 Privacy by default 🦜 zk-SNARKs encryption 🦜 51% attack protection with dPoW 🦜 100% shielded P2P transactions

(Graphic courtesy of dreamtim) Preamble Ahoy, Pirates! I hope this message finds you, your family and friends safe in the midst of this COVID-19 outbreak. Since our last update, we have seen the the virus become a pandemic and spread rapidly throughout Europe and America, and witnessed the largest pullback of economies since the 1920s. While the immediate effect of social distancing is slowing the spread and potentially “flattening the curve”, it has severely affected small businesses and livelihood of many around the world. Initially, the blow was thought to be a severe double whammy of abrupt supply and demand cessation. To a certain extent, this is fortunately now mitigated […]

(picture courtesy of Dreamtim) Preamble Happy Halving Pirates! February was another excitement filled month for the most private cryptocurrency! There were loads of developments including an updated whitepaper, and upgrades to the our homepage to include translations in 20 languages, progress on material milestones with several wallet developments, and significant expansion of support for our Pirate ecosystem. Our Pirate Chain team is proud to bring you this month’s updates, read on to learn more!   Pirate Chain Halving event #2 Pirate Chain underwent its second halving event on 2/28/20, at block height 777770! Rewards per block were halved from 128 ARRR to 64 ARRR. Check out our article published on […]

~by wookie graphic courtesy of pwnz   What is the “halvening” Bitcoin and all blockchains derived from its code use a computation algorithm solved by “miners”, known as Proof-of-Work, to ensure the security of its blockchain. As compensation for their work, miners are rewarded with the transaction fees along with a predetermined number of newly created coins. This reward is necessarily reduced on a regular interval so that the total number of coins produced over time meets the fixed supply. Most blockchains use a 50% reduction strategy where the emitted block rewards is cut by half after a certain number of blocks. In the case of Bitcoin, the halving event, […]

Pirate Chain expands its horizons High quality teams contributing to exciting innovative solutions Pirate Chain can establish a stronger presence Highly selective onboarding of new projects that help us and others The Pirate Chain community joins the Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 in forming the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA). The conception of the BPSAA came directly from members of the Pirate Chain team in conjunction with members of the Turtle Network. The alliance is formed to help each project to achieve its goals faster, providing additional resources and know-how, previously unavailable to the community. The purpose of the alliance is to unite dedicated teams, with high quality […]

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