Pirate May Update

May was again a very exciting and successful month for the community project Pirate. One of our captains (FishyGuts) reviewed May.

The following topics are part of the article:

  • CoinMarketCap lists Pirate. ARRR was even among the top 200 crypto currencies for a short time. At this point I would like to mention that Piratechain is only 9 months old.
  • Halvening. The block rewards per block were halved from 256 to 128.
  • ARRRmada. A link directory for all stores that accept ARRR. Anyone can join in and help to advance the adaptation of ARRR. https://arrrmada.com
  • Nuovi elenchi di scambio. Among them with Graviex a stock exchange, with which it is possible to exchange directly from USD into ARRR.
  • Security updates and Agama Hack.
  • Barterlly. A project from the Komodo ecosystem that takes OTC trading to a new level. https://app.barterlly.io
  • Notary Nodes. Pirate was able to win three notary nodes for itself. An enormously important step for the further development of Pirate. New funds, half of which flow directly into the Piratechain.
  • 7 Seas Wallet and Mobile Wallet. Dukeleto and Jane Mercer are working on a new 7 Seas Wallet. Duke is chief developer of HUSH, you should definitely have on the radar. PTYX from Chainzilla is currently investigating the possibility of integrating ARRR into the mobile Chameleon Wallet.
  • Tabella di marcia. The Pirate Roadmap has been updated.

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