Solutions for Merchants

The Pirate Chain community has created several useful tools for merchants in order to help with the adoption of ARRR for online payments.


A highly secure payment gateway that accepts ARRR. Using self-hosted wallets for maximum independence.


WordPress and Shopify plugins to get you started with accepting online payments in ARRR.


The community website hosting profiles of merchants that accept the Pirate Chain cryptocurrency ARRR.

PiratePay Gateway

Payment Gateway

PiratePay is a fully decentralized, open source payment gateway. It allow merchants and retailers to accept Pirate Chain ($ARRR) on websites and stores.

PiratePay removes the need for a middleman and was created with the highest level of privacy and security available.

The PiratePay app is designed to be more intuitive and more secure than traditional RPC Servers when communicating transactions with your stores.

We accomplish this by putting your $ARRR crypto wallet behind a feature-rich RESTful API that offers many features. These include price conversions, transaction records, increased security features such as Oauth2 authentication, as well as a graphical dashboard.

Additionally, a built-in job queue manager monitors your wallet transactions and communicates with your store’s API to update the status of order payments.

Pirate May Update

Ecommerce Plugins

Pirate’s target is adoption. ARRR is a crypto currency and with our plugins it is possible to accept ARRR as a means of payment.

If you run a shop on Shopify or with WordPress, you can control payments with our plugins independently and without intermediary fees!

For further questions and help, don’t hesitate contact us. If you have any issues, please reach out to our community development and support team in Discord.

Pirate Chain ARRR ecommerce plugins

ARRRMada Merchant Community

ARRRmada is a community of merchants that accept ARRR. It is supported by First Mate Seko. All merchants that accept ARRR are  promoted via the official channels of Pirate Chain.

For a list of all the merchants accepting ARRR or to apply to be listed with us visit