🏴‍☠️ KuCoin is now a Pirate exchange 🏴‍☠️

Pirate Chain is thrilled to announce the inclusion of ARRR in one of the largest exchanges in the world. As many community members have been asking for larger exchanges to trade on, we have managed to get enough community support to list on KuCoin.

Bien que Kucoin soit sécurisé, nous vous déconseillons de laisser de gros montants sur les plateformes. Veillez donc à toujours conserver la majeure partie de vos fonds dans un portefeuille dont vous avez les clés.

About Kucoin

KuCoin Exchange opened for cryptocurrency trading in September 2017 and is located in Seychelles. KuCoin places an emphasis on the quality of the projects listed based on a research department that scours the blockchain industry for quality projects. KuCoin provides an exchange service for users to conduct digital asset transactions securely and efficiently. Over time, KuCoin aims to provide long-lasting, increased value to its more than eight million registered users, in over 100 countries. Another interesting fact to note is that 1 out of 4 Crypto holders worldwide is with KuCoin.


KuCoin does not have mandatory KYC identification process. Users are able to withdraw up to 5 BTC worth of coins per day without completing KYC.

Détails du lancement

Deposits: 09:00 am UTC June 21
Trading: 09:00 am UTC June 22
Withdrawals: 10:00 am UTC June 23

Paires d'échange


Envoi de fonds

When sending ARRR to KuCoin you have to use the champ mémo to ensure your deposit reaches your account. Please read the instructions carefully & make sure that you’re not using other exchanges for deposits to KuCoin, since it requires the use of memo field as mentioned above.

Commencer à échanger

Click here to start trading ARRR on Kucoin.



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