Crypto Vigilante

Réunion hebdomadaire Discord ☠️ Juste au cas où vous auriez manqué cette réunion hebdomadaire sur Discord, vous pouvez désormais écouter l'enregistrement de notre rencontre hebdomadaire en direct du mercredi avec le fantastique Rafael LaVerde du groupe Crypto Vigilante (partie de Dollar Vigilante axée sur la crypto-monnaie). Nous parlons de plusieurs choses mais entre autres : Comment Crypto Vigilante […]

  Préambule Bonne année, pirates ! Espérons une 2021 rafraîchie et renouvelée qui sera bien meilleure pour tous ! Après deux ans et demi de publications, nous changeons le nom de la newsletter en The Pirate Post. Le dernier mois de 2020 a certainement été plein de célébrations et de surprises. Pirate célébré […]


2021 Update Ahoy mateys, First Mate Kaks has put together some instructions on how to run Pirate using CLI. We hope that you find them useful. CLI commands   Daemon To run the daemon for PirateChain (use also the next command if running for the first time): Copy to clipboard Bootstrap If you are running […]

the survival podcast

Ahoy Pirates, Pirate Chain captain Draeth appeared twice on The Survival Podcast. He got the opportunity to introduce Pirate Chain to a new audience and discussed a number of burning issues in the space of personal and financial privacy, amongst others. What was discussed? Some of the areas covered in the two interviews: 🦜 Wallet […]

(graphics courtesy of DreamTim) Preamble Ahoy Pirates! November was a great month for Pirate. In addition to project highlights on the PiratePay app, we have had some really terrific and insightful podcast interviews last month. Don’t miss out on the Pirate Chain interviews on The Survival Podcast and the Gold, Guns ‘n Goat podcast. This […]

Charity Event

  On December 7th, 2020, Pirate Chain announced that they will be sponsoring the Play for Good charity event. The event’s main aim is to help the homeless during these trying times. For one month, at, young and old people alike can try to become the champion of the most famous online game: Flappy-Bird. […]

Bootstrap Installation

Hi Everyone, When downloading a full node wallet, if you want your syncing to be faster, you will need to download the bootstrap file separately. In some cases you will also need to download and install the zcash parameters. Pirate Chain First Mate Kaks, has put together a list of instructions to make your journey […]

pirate ocean wallet

  Pirate Ocean (Native QT Full Node Wallet) The Pirate Chain team is happy to announce the release of a major update to the Pirate Ocean wallet. Pirate Ocean QT was first created and maintained for several years by Pirate Chain team member and pool owner, ComputerGenie. This latest version was created by Pirate Chain […]

CPU Mining Guide for ARRR

Multimining is a concept that first appeared when Proof of Stake was the new fad. Miners who enjoyed years of Proof of work were left out and only investors reaped the benefits of a PoS coin. Eventually pools got smart and invented the concept of a Multi-Pool. It is such a pool we will be […]

Full Blockchain Node

Pirate Chain (ARRR), the Privacy Blockchain has made several improvements to full node functionality. This change will mainly improve the functionality and reliability of wallets. Pirate Chain wallet owners will notice the most significant improvements. But there are also good news for traders. The upgrades will also help exchanges handle transactions in a more efficient […]