Graphics courtesy of DreamTim Ahoy Pirates! June was a busy month for Pirate Chain. Our team and community members brought Pirate Chain to two events, the Miami Shitcoin Conference and Porcfest. $ARRR was also listed on not one but two exchanges. We have breakthroughs on ARRRtomicSwaps, and we also brought you highly requested updates to […]

Pirate Life Casino

  Cryptocurrency Adoption & Utility Whilst many cryptocurrency projects try to find utility for their coins, few actually make successful steps in that direction. Pirate Chain has been making considerable headways both with technological support for merchants and service providers, as well as initiatives such as the where all participants accept ARRR as a […]

How I became a pirate

(Updated with event photos) The Event Pirate Chain attended PorcFest in New Hampshire for the 2021 event. A number of the Pirate Chain team attended the event and run several initiatives including speeches, an open-air cinema, a booth and many more. All under the control and inspiring stewardship of Benny Von who leads the organization […]


You have probably noticed that the exchange wallets are very slow, even as your own ARRR wallet is basically instant. Is this due to poor exchanges, the ARRR wallet or something else? We have been hard at work to solve this problem and the first thing to notice, was that no other blockchain is doing […]

Security Review

Code Audit Pirate Chain is happy to announce a Light Code Audit by 3rd-party cybersecurity firm Cyber Unit Technologies. The peer review was ordered earlier this year and was completed in the middle of May 2021. A full copy can be found at the end of this article. About The Review This assessment aims to understand […]

Ahoy Pirates, the Pirate team continues to bring you developments and exchange listings in the month of May. As our community continues to expand, we are seeing the number of privacy supporters grow globally too. We witnessed Pirate Chain flags flying high at rallies around the world. In this edition we talk about Wallet updates, […]

Music Competition

A new phenomenon was born when team member DJ_Fatal created the first Official Pirate Chain Music Theme. Since then many have created their own versions of the track in different music genres. Inspired by this community activity we are launching a remix competition with a prize of 200 ARRR for the winning tune. Win 200 […]

  🏴‍☠️ KuCoin is now a Pirate exchange 🏴‍☠️ Pirate Chain is thrilled to announce the inclusion of ARRR in one of the largest exchanges in the world. As many community members have been asking for larger exchanges to trade on, we have managed to get enough community support to list on KuCoin. Whilst Kucoin is secure, […] Exchange

🏴‍☠️ est désormais un échange pirate 🏴‍☠️ Pirate Chain est ravi d'annoncer l'inclusion d'ARRR dans l'un des plus grands échanges en volume et en classement au monde. Comme de nombreux membres de la communauté ont demandé des échanges plus importants avec lesquels commercer, nous avons réussi à obtenir suffisamment de soutien de la communauté pour démarrer un […]

(graphiques avec l'aimable autorisation de DreamTim) Avril a été un autre mois incroyable pour Pirate Chain. Nous avons continué à battre de nouveaux records de tous les temps pour chaque statistique mesurable. En mars, nous avons enregistré plus de 12 000 visites uniques sur En avril, nous avons enregistré 210 000 visites uniques sur Comme certains d'entre vous l'ont constaté, nos serveurs étaient surchargés et […]