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The new Pirate Chain full node wallet is here.

Core Dev Forge has done a lot of work to improve the wallet’s security and to make it lighter and more user-friendly. The most notable changes for users will be:

Brand New Look

The brand new look now has 3 modes to choose from. The standard version, a dark mode and a pirate mode, which is (and we are biased) the most aesthetically pleasing.

Memo Field

Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of a secure memo field. The memo field accepts up to 512 characters. It is a secure form of communication on-chain. It also offers an interface between the wallet and gateway exchanges that require the use of the memo field to transfer funds.

Sweep To Address

As z-z private send technology is very demanding and very taxing on wallets, using more than 4 addresses can cause severe delays with the operation of the wallet. A new function named “sweep to address” addresses this problem by helping to consolidate multiple addresses into one, thus making the wallet, lighter and faster.

Full List Of New Features & Improvements

  • Added a memo field to the Send Transaction tab
  • Added memo field support to transaction list
  • Updated the user interface to show building witness cache
  • Moved Receive addresses to the main page
  • Updated the splash screen
  • Created 3 new display themes (Standard, Dark, Pirate)
  • Created a dropdown menu item to easily select the theme of choice
  • Added import and export key functions to the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Added a 64-bit Linux ARM build
  • Changed app name from Pirate Ocean to Treasure Chest
  • Introduced a new function named “sweep to address” which helps consolidate multiple addresses
  • Updated default consolidation fee to 0.0001

Migration Instructions

If you are migrating from an older wallet, before you install the new Treasure Chest files please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the following directory (depending on your Operating System):
    Windows: %appdata%\Komodo\PIRATE\
    Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo/PIRATE/
    Linux: ~/.komodo/PIRATE/
  2. Delete the “blocks” and “chainstate” files
  3. Watch the video below for a step by step guide

For Advanced Users

Alternative to the above, you can add the line -bootstrap=1 in the pirate.conf file to achieve the same result.

Download the new wallet here.

Treasure Chest: Wallet User Guide

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