Whilst Pirate Chain has not been around long, there has been multiple mentions in media about the project and it’s development. In the list below we highlight the most important ones to date and why you should definitely dedicate the time to read them:

An Open Letter to Coin Center: Introduction to a Fully Private Zero-Knowledge Proof Digital Currency

This recently released article by wookie on Hackernoon is one of the best articles ever written about private digital currencies. Wookie with his usual thorough and scientific research displays not just a mastery of words but also a deep understanding of the enviroment that Pirate Chain is evolving in. Certainly top of my reading list.

Two Versions of Digital Dollar Emerge as Contenders, but Unlikely to Come Soon

Cointelegraph journalist Antonio Madeira discusses the pandemic in relation to the last global economic crisis and how this all relates to the cryptocurrency industry. In a comprehensive article about politics, mainstream finance and crypto he asks the question about privacy in an attempt of centralizing digital currency. Apart from the systemic risks already existent with current banks and centralized financial institutions he quotes Komodo founder and Pirate dev James Lee about the dangers of centralization and the consequences of governmental control of personal finances.

What Should You Expect From A Truly Private Digital Cash?

Another excellent article from wookie who this time, with his first appearance on Hackernoon is discussing the evolution of digital currencies and the necessity for privacy when the economy becomes fully digital in the future. He takes us through a journey of the early attempts at privacy in crypto and how Pirate Chain sits now at the top of that list.

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