Reasons Why is Privacy Important for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Not everyone understands the importance of privacy in cryptocurrency transactions, not only for security reasons but also to protect personal privacy, much like the level of privacy enjoyed with traditional fiat currency transactions. Let’s examine some key reasons why privacy is crucial in the cryptocurrency space: 1. Security and Protection Against Fraud Cryptocurrency-based scams continue […]

Talking about online privacy is a tricky subject. For years, we have been persuaded to believe that we are in control of our data. However, the harsh truth is that everything is screened.  The Great Deception About Citizens’ Data Privacy You may think that some laws protect your privacy, right?  If you are referring to […]

  Preamble Ahoy, Pirates! We celebrated ARRR integration into the Qortal DEX Ecosystem and Pirate Chain’s 4th anniversary in August!!! Developers are working on adding another wARRR bridge, on ETH network this time, while continuing work on the Hardware Wallet. Nothing official yet, but Commander Forge and the team are brainstorming ways to make Pirate […]

You read it right. Bitcoin has a rival, Pirate Chain, the most secure privacy-focused blockchain that ensures your financial freedom. No, it’s not clickbait. This article will explain why Bitcoin cannot give you the financial freedom many preach. So if you are a bitcoiner, you have been warned. We’ll dare to say what nobody from […]

security code audit arrr

As promised, the Pirate Chain team has secured a code security review by an external third party. Reviews are part of the development process and occur occasionally to ensure that all parts of the code are scrutinized as much as possible. Why Are Code Audits Important? Making sure that the code functions as it should […]

Pirate Chain Miami

We are delighted to announce that Pirate Chain Community event aficionado Benny is hosting a meet-up on Tuesday 9th of November, from 7 to 11 PM. There will be free shots of tequila and rum when mentioning ARRR as long as many interesting people to talk to about Pirate, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and freedom. Date Tuesday […]

Wallet Encryption

El equipo de desarrollo de Pirate Chain, liderado por Forge, ha estado trabajando duro los últimos 6 meses para lanzar la nueva versión del Treasure Chest full node wallet aka v.5.3.0. Novedades Ahora, monedero full node tiene las siguientes caracteríasticas: Encriptado Total del Monedero Cada registro almacenado en el wallet.dat de Pirate Chain se puede […]


¿Qué es wARRR? wARRR es una versión token de ARRR en Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – y quizá otras en plataformas en el futuro. wARRR permite al usuario salir de plataformas transparentes y hacer sus fondos privados al mandar sus wARRR mediante un puente y convertirlo en ARRR (también conocido como unwrapping). Los usuarios convierten sus ARRR en [...]

wrapped ARRR

Aquí está wARRR Con la adición del wrapped ARRR (aka wARRR) en Binance Smart Chain, Pirate Chain hace su entrada en el mundo DeFi. Esto ocurrirá el lunes 20 de septiembre del 2021 a la 1:00pm EDT (5pm UTC).BSC fue votado por la comunidad por sus comisiones más bajas comparado con la red Ethereum. wARRR […]


Everything in this world that is scarce, by definition, can have a price put on it. The air we breathe has no price because it is superabundant — but given the right conditions, it can be transformed into the most valuable commodity (many who have walked the plank found this out the hard way). And […]