Wallet EncryptionThe Pirate Chain development team led by Forge has been working hard the past 6 months to release the newest version of the Treasure Chest full node wallet aka v.5.3.0.

What’s New

The full node wallet now has the following features:

Full Wallet Encryption

Every record stored in the wallet.dat for Pirate Chain can be fully encrypted. The current standard inherited from upstream bitcoin/zcash is to just encrypt the spending keys while using the full viewing key and incoming viewing keys as indexes for various objects. This protects your coins from being spent if your wallet.dat is compromised, but not your privacy.

While wallet encryption isn’t officially supported by zcash, the current implementation would leave enough of the keys exposed so that if an adversary were to get a hold of your wallet they could track all your transactional history. Pirate Chain revised the encryption protocol to encrypt every key, spending or otherwise, every transaction, every piece of metadata. Nothing was left unencrypted that could provide any person or agency information about your ARRR holdings or spending habits.

Z-Address Account Naming

Z-Address Account Naming has been included in the GUI. So now instead of the type “z-sapling” showing for every z-address, users can replace this with a custom name making it easier to keep track of their holdings. A custom name can be added when creating a new address, or by editing any existing z-address on the receive tab.

Other Updates

  • Updated openssl to version 1.1.1k
  • Updated to deleteTx to make the wallet less memory-intensive
  • Updated to deleteTx to remove deleted transactions from the internal spend maps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that could cause the wallet to crash while loading
  • Fixed bug that caused z_sign_offline to fail.

Note: There will be a Bounty of 500 ARRR for anyone who is able to break the wallet.dat encryption, the bounty will be increased by 100 ARRR weekly.

Download link


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