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🦜🦜🦜 Press Release

Pirate Chain announces the release of the world’s first z-z (shielded transactions)-only cryptocurrency mobile Android wallet, with massive help from the community and Zero’s Lead Developer CryptoForge.

It is typically very difficult to integrate Zk-SNARKs shielded transactions into most platforms. Most projects choose both transparent and shielded addresses/transactions to ease integration; however, in this way, privacy becomes an optional secondary feature. Pirate Chain has always taken the stance that Privacy by Default is the only viable option, and that Optional Privacy is Not Private at all. This is why our blockchain is 99% shielded, with the remaining 1% being transparent block rewards for on-chain audit.

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CryptoForge began work on the mobile wallet soon after ZCash released the code that enables shielded transactions on mobile phones.  Zero’s zk-SNARKS mobile wallet includes the ability to send both transparent and shielded transactions. Seeing this, Pirate Chain’s First Mate Lootz enlisted the help of CryptoForge to develop a mobile wallet for shielded-only transactions. This is the world’s first instance of a mobile wallet for shielded-only zk-SNARKs based transactions. Excitement is already brewing for this major step forward both for the cryptocurrency industry and the privacy sector.

After months of hard work and rigorous bug testing, the mobile wallet for Android phones is publicly released today. Dubbed “Skull Island“, the wallet not only allows users to send and receive shielded transactions, it also includes a secure private messaging function for sending untraceable messages.


Skull Island adds to the collection of wallets developed by Pirate Chain. Users can choose to run their own full-node or lite wallet on every major platform. The mobile wallet is currently being ported to Apple’s iOS.

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