Private Messaging

Whilst financial privacy is the most critical part the Pirate Chain team are working on, the developers have been adding new dimensions to the use of the most anonymous blockchain technology. So it is now possible with a very low fee to retain your privacy and communicate safely and securely using the memo field in native wallets by Pirate Chain.

Watch this video to learn how to send private and anonymous text messages using the memo field of the Seven Seas wallet. Pirate Chain developer radix42 has created the Seven Seas wallet exclusively for Pirate Chain. The process of getting started is very simple, follow the steps below and then watch the video.

How To Send Anonymous Messages

🦜 Download Seven Seas wallet (see wallets section)
🦜 Install Seven Seas wallet
🦜 Ensure you have some small funds in your wallet  (see exchanges and mining on how to get ARRR)
🦜 Learn how to use the wallet’s memo field (see video below)
🦜 Start private messaging using the highest encryption technology

Watch The Video

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