Charity Event


On December 7th, 2020, Pirate Chain announced that they will be sponsoring the Play for Good charity event. The event’s main aim is to help the homeless during these trying times.

For one month, at, young and old people alike can try to become the champion of the most famous online game: Flappy-Bird.

Challengers of a new kind: their Flappy-Bird will wear the colours of an association that they have chosen to represent. They also can, if they wish, to donate and support the association in real life!

Pirate Chain’s goal was to raise 2500 ARRR (approximately $500 at the time of the announcement), with Captain Draeth personally donating 500 ARRR. All donations submitted, large and small were sent in and the goal was reached on December 15th.

We are proud of the Pirate Chain community supporting this and other charity events. We will continue to support charity in the spirit of the times and for noteworthy causes.


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