Ahoy Pirates,

The news you have been waiting for are here. With your invaluable support to raise the funds we have finally achieved our target.

As promised, we are now live for exchanges and trades on Changelly and the Changelly Pro trading platform.

The benefits of Changelly

One of the most important feature of Changelly is the Instant Conversion feature. Now you can swap various cryptocurrencies to ARRR in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Changelly also offers a fully fledged Trading Platform. You can now use the Changelly Pro cryptocurrency trading platform to trade in ARRR

Buy crypto that you can quickly convert into ARRR through the Changelly Fiat Gateway.

Pirate can enjoy more exposure with Changelly making ARRR available to its 2 million existing customer base.

Referral Code

Support Pirate Chain by using our referral code to join Changelly:

About Changelly

Changelly is an established blockchain company with million of customers. They specialise in direct crypto to crypto instant exchange. Changelly Pro offers a full blown trading platform to buy and sell ARRR using spot trading and other popular techniques.

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Read more about the Changelly fundraising initiative and please consider a donation to enable us to give you even more privacy.

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