Music Competition

A new phenomenon was born when team member DJ_Fatal created the first Official Pirate Chain Music Theme.

Since then many have created their own versions of the track in different music genres.

Inspired by this community activity we are launching a remix competition with a prize of 200 ARRR for the winning tune.

Win 200 ARRR

  1. Create a rmx of
  2. Submit it with your entry here:


Pirate Chain Official Music Theme - The Privacy Shanty RMX Competition

Rules :skull~1:

  • :pirateX: Make sure that your version is original (tempo changes will not count)
  • :pirateX: Ensure that it contains elements of the original such as some of the lyrics and the melody
  • :pirateX: Do not publish it before it is submitted here
  • :pirateX: Existing remixes will automatically qualify for this competition
  • :pirateX: The deadline for submissions is 31st of August 2021


  • :burning_money: Get additional points for music genres that have not been done yet
  • :burning_money: Translated versions (verified by the team) can take part

The tracks will be judged by:

  • The Pirate Chain Team
  • The Community
  • The General Public

:skull~1: P.S. By taking part in this competition you agree for Pirate Chain to publish the track in social media with full credit to the artist (optional) and a donation address (optional).

Official Pirate Chain Music Theme

Download the original music files

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