Safe Trade Exchange

يسعد مجتمع Pirate Chain بالإعلان عن تكامل آخر ناجح لأكثر عملة رقمية مشفرة $ARRR في تبادل جديد ، SafeTrade.


SafeTrade هو تبادل عملات تشفير بديلة مقره في كندا ، وقد تم تأسيسه منذ عام 2018. ويوجد في البورصة ما مجموعه 31 عملة مشفرة متاحة حاليًا. هناك أيضًا مجموعة واسعة من مقترنات التداول.


التسجيل في SafeTrade سريع وبسيط. يرجى ملاحظة أنه بالنسبة للودائع والسحوبات ، ستتم مطالبتك بإعداد مصادقة 2FA. مقترنات التداول التي تقدمها SafeTrade إلى Pirate Chain هي ARRR/BTC و ARRR/SAFE.

Trading commenced at the 18th of January 2020 with no known issues as when this post was written. The first ever trade took place at 10:32 PM Eastern Time.

The listing on this exchange was free and supported by community voting.

SafeTrade is the latest addition of cryptocurrency التبادلات for the ARRR cryptocurrency. Shortly before CoinEx added the ARRR/BTC pairing joining an ever-growing list of exchanges, alongside Altsbit, TradeOgre, Citex, Graviex, Bilaxy and P2PPB2B.

What next for Pirate Chain?

This is only one of the many new initiatives the Pirate Chain community has been working on that will materialize in 2020. There will be many more exciting news to commence about ways the Pirate Chain community will enhance its privacy offering. No less with a brand new custom and super safe Operating System for private transactions as well as other further technological advancements that will make ARRR a lot easier for merchants to use.

Stay tuned for more…



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